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Q.        Why do yeast infection symptoms flare up during the pregnancy? Is it safe for pregnant women to take Dr. J’s herbs?  Why is it so important to do Herbal Detox during pregnancy?

A.        Yes, it is very safe for pregnant women to take our herbal formulas, and in fact recommended.

I highly recommend the Herbal Detoxprogram (including Yeast-Para Control and Cleansing-Balance Tea) during pregnancy because pregnancy tends to make yeast infections symptoms flare up.  Why?  Estrogen levels increase during pregnancy, and so does the blood volume.  When the blood volume increases, blood sugar also increases.  Sugar feeds yeasts and parasites, and the vicious cycle begins.

When the pregnant mother is free of yeast infection symptoms, the baby has a better chance to be born healthy.  I have several “herb baby” clients.  They are healthy, happy, and sleep through the night at an early stage of their infancy.

If the pregnant woman has a severe yeast and parasitic infection that is left untreated, the baby could “inherit” yeast infections through the mother’s blood stream and birth canal.  Symptoms may include mid or inner ear infections, eye infections, and colic.  When intertwined with other factors such as dietary, psychological, and environmental factors, the baby could have Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD).  (Please refer to previous articles regarding causes of ADD or ADHD).

Although most issues are treatable, it is relatively easier to treat the pregnant mother rather than treating the baby after they are born.  In addition to taking Yeast-Para Control and Cleansing-Balance Tea, it is also important for the pregnant woman to follow the yeast-free nutritional program (including no sugar, no dairy, no wheat, no yeast, no alcohol, no caffeine, no nicotine, nor chemicals) and abstain from smoking and drinking to prevent the worsening of yeast and parasitic infection symptoms.  To learn what to eat and what to avoid, follow my yeast-free cookbook, Healthy and Tasty: Dr. J’s Anti-Yeast Cooking.

For consultation on yeast-free nutrition, herbal detox, hormonal imbalance, weight management, and drug-free holistic treatment for ADD or ADHD, please call us at (800) 715-3053, or send an e-mail to drj@drjsbest.com.  Consultation sessions over Skype or the telephone are also available.  For more information, visit our website: www.drjsbest.com.

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