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Q.        I love Dr. J’s program!  I had age-long constipation before I got on Herbal Detox program (Yeast-Para Control and Cleansing-Balance Tea).  Now I enjoy smooth elimination every day!  What a relief!  My postnasal drip and bad breath problems had also dissipated.  My concern is: Would I become addicted to Dr. J’s herbal products?

A.        Our herbal products are not addictive.  You can stop anytime without any “withdrawal symptoms.”   However, if the products give you the results you desire, it is to your benefit that you stay on the products for maintenance.  Our products are like food or supplements.  Our Herbal Detox program would only cost you less than $3.00 a day.  How much money do you spend on coffee per day that is habit-forming?

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