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Wheat gluten is a favorite food for yeasts and parasites and is mucous-producing.  Most people believe that wheat is a nutritious grain and they therefore consume a large amount of wheat products on a daily basis.  When you go to a restaurant, the first food item presented to you is usually wheat rolls or crackers.  When you go to work or school, you eat wheat bread sandwiches.  When you feel like having some carbohydrates, you eat pasta, spaghetti or macaroni.  Many of your breakfast cereals also contain wheat.  Your favorite pancakes are most likely made of wheat.  Wheat is everywhere and it seems to be difficult to avoid.

As a result of consuming a large quantity of wheat, many people suffer from sinus congestion, headaches, asthma, and mucus in the respiratory tract.  As explained previously, when yeasts and parasites are well-fed with their favorite foods such as wheat, they multiply quickly.  In addition to sucking your nutrition through their strong, vampire-like hooks, they also deposit toxins after a hearty feast.  The toxins they release can cause all kinds of allergy symptoms.

Exerpt from Dr. J’s book, Breaking the Yeast Curse: Food and Unconditional Love for Magic Healing.

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