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What is Acute Radiation Syndrome (ARS)?

ARS occurs when individuals are exposed to a large amount of radiation in a very short period of time.  According to earthquake experts, 6 G (gray is a measurement of radiation exposure) is a lethal dosage.  Individuals exposed to more than 6 Gy of radiation will die within days or weeks.  Why is radiation so lethal? Radiation burns and kills.  It destroys DNA in white blood cells, and thus destroys the immune system. 

Symptoms of ARS:

Within two to three days of radiation exposure, if a cluster symptoms of nausea, vomiting, fever, diarrhea, skin burns, confusion, etc. occur, that’s an indication of ARS. 

Treatment for ARS:

According to the Mayo clinic, treatment for ARS is geared towards symptom relief.  If there is radioactive iodine in the radiation, the patient is also given Iodine potassium (KI) to prevent thyroid cancer.  However, KI will not prevent other types of cancer such as leukemia.

Should we be worried about ARS?

Unless you are exposed to a large dosage of radiation within a short period of time, you will not suffer from Acute Radiation Syndrome.  The fallout of the radiation diffuses the radiation power after “travelling” a distance.  Some people in the U. S. are very concerned about the impact of the nuclear power plant damage after the earthquake and tsunami in Fukushima, Japan.  However, what we really should be concerned about is chronic radiation sickness.

In future posts, I will elaborate on the symptoms of chronic radiation sickness and the role of yeast-free living in the prevention and treatment of this serious public health issue.

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