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Lyme disease is a health challenge in America and Europe.  It may be one of the most fastest growing epidemics in the world.   According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, “There is considerable underreporting of Lyme disease…. The actual infection rate may be 1.8 million, 10 times higher than the 180,000 cases currently reported.”

The major reason for under reporting of Lyme disease is the difficulty in diagnosing the disease.  In addition to the spirochete, the saliva of the ticks carries several microbial organisms that cause “co-infections.”  

Most laboratories like to present themselves as having reliable tests for Lyme disease, when in fact they often miss the diagnosis by misinterpreting the results.  Whether the diagnosis is accurate or not, health professionals need to pay special attention to the symptoms experienced by their patients.  As described in the previous article, symptoms experienced by each individual may vary.  The most common symptoms include bulls-eye skin rash, fever, fatigue, mind fog, swollen lymph glands, depression, shifting aches and pain, crawling sensation under the skin, etc.  All these symptoms mimic yeast and parasitic infections, fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and many others.

The most common treatment is taking many courses of strong antibiotics with the hope that all the infections would be cleared up quickly.  Unfortunately, most symptoms become chronic and recurrent, because antibiotics actually destroy the immunity and create more perpetual health problems due to yeast overgrowth.


In the next article, I will discuss the holistic treatment for this encroaching epidemic of Lyme disease.  Stay tuned!

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