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Some people believe that raw foods have better nutritional value because they have “life.”  These people will go to the extreme of avoiding all cooked foods.

There are so many nutritional theories out there today that you might feel like you are walking through a jungle.   To help you cut through the jungle, I would like to recommend an approach which actually brings satisfactory results to people who are infected with yeasts and parasites.


The fact is that when my clients begin to eat lightly cooked vegetables, their symptoms of constipation, bloatedness or diarrhea improve.  Why?  The roughness of raw vegetables is very hard for a weak digestive system to handle, which in turn, causes more digestive problems.  Furthermore, the surfaces of raw vegetables usually have yeasts and parasites (especially organic ones).  Have you ever observed how farmers harvest vegetables?  Vegetables are usually sitting in the open air all season long.  The dust, dirt, yeasts, bacteria and chemical sprays (if not organically grown) stay on the surfaces of the vegetables.  Farmers usually don’t wash the vegetables when they deliver them to the markets; otherwise, the vegetables would rot easily.  Markets don’t wash the vegetables before the sale for the same reason.  Nowadays many markets spray water periodically on the vegetables to keep them green and looking fresh.  That moisture can actually facilitate the growth of yeasts on the vegetables.

Restaurants usually don’t wash the vegetables when they fix the salad for you; doing so costs more labor and time.  Can you imagine what you are eating when you have a dish of salad?  Many people feel instant fatigue or lethargy after they have a big bowl of salad.  The reasons are simple: your digestive system is being taxed and the yeast population in your body has instantly increased — a double whammy!  An additional helpful tip is to wash the vegetables very thoroughly before cooking.  This will reduce the amount of yeasts and parasites which accumulate on the surfaces of the vegetables.

If you have severe or persistent constipation or diarrhea, or alternate (Irritated Bowel Syndrome) you should cook your vegetables.  Stir-fried or steamed vegetables are as delicious as raw vegetables (salads) once you change your taste buds.  The best way to stir-fry is to use canola or vegetable oil.  These two kinds of oils are mono-unsaturated.  Chemically speaking, they have “only one arm sticking out” which means that they have very little chance to be oxidated in the cooking process.  Consequently, their nutritional value will not be altered as much by heat as polyunsaturated oil such as safflower oil.

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