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Q.        I see seeds-like stuff in my stool a few days after I got on your Herbal Detox program.  Are they eggs of parasites like you described?  How soon would I be able to get rid of all of them?

A.        Yes!  Parasite eggs look like seeds, such as sesame seeds, undigested brown rice, sunflower seeds, or broken corn.  Sometimes they appear in your stool like white specs, or like almonds.  How much and how fast you eliminate them depends on how much of a commitment you’ve made to follow the holistic treatment. 

If you continue to take our Herbal Detox (Yeast-Para Control and Cleansing-Balance Tea), follow the yeast-free nutritional program to nourish your body while starving the yeasts and parasites, and better manage your stress, etc., your immunity will get stronger.   You will be able to eliminate a good quantity of these parasite eggs and even mature worms. 

I usually instruct my clients to do “toilet watching” very carefully after they are on our Herbal Detox program.  Sometimes you need a flash light or magnifying glass in order to see the entire creatures well.  Some people are scared of them.  However, you should be happy that they are out of your body!  Can you imagine if these eggs hatch inside of our bodies?

You might not be able to get rid of all the yeasts and parasites in your body, because some of them are really tough such as tape worms.  However, if your immunity is strong, you would be able to “co-exist” with them harmoniously.  A good analogy is when there is a strong police force to control the activities of gangsters, a good social order can be maintained.  Conversely, the community would be in chaos if the force of gangsters is stronger than the police.

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