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Once upon a time, a poor man complained to Buddha, “No matter what I did, I failed. Why?”

Buddha replied: “Because you never give.”

The poor man answered, “I am so poor.  I don’t have a penny to give.”

Buddha educated the poor man, “You can give in many ways without money.  For example,

1)     Give your smile: Whatever and whoever you encounter, smile.

2)     Give your good words:  Talk to and about people with good words.  Motivate people to do positive things with your good words.

3)     Give your kind heart: Be considerate and caring of others.

4)     Give your passionate eyes:  Look at others with understanding, passionate, and loving eyes.

5)     Give your physical assistance: Offer physical assistance whenever appropriate.  Set a good example for people to follow.

6)     Give your seat: Offer your seat to people who need it more than you do.

7)     Give your sensitivity: Be sensitive to the need of others, and offer your help before they ask.”

The poor man bowed with humility….

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Follow your heart, but don’t forget to take your brain with you – Anonymous

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This is a Zen Buddhist story:

Once upon a time, there was an old woman who cried all the time.

An old monk passed by and asked, “Why are you so sad rain or shine?

She replied, “I have two daughters.  The first daughter married to a cloth shoe maker, and the second one married to a rain umbrella maker.

When it rains, I cried because my cloth shoe making son-in-law will have no business, and my first daughter will starve.

When there is sunshine, I cried because my rain umbrella making son-in-law will have no business and my second daughter will starve.

The old monk advised, “Why don’t you reverse the thinking?  When it rains, be happy because your rain umbrella making son-in-law will have good business; and when it shines, be happy because your cloth shoe making son-in-law will also have good business.   This way, both of your daughters will have a good life!”

The old woman stopped crying and started smiling….

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Gratitude is the no. 1 cause of happiness…

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In the midst of a challenging life situation, we tend to think “Life is hard” or “Nothing good happens to me.”  However, when we look back, we often see a silver lining of the cloud and say, “What a blessing that had happened!”

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The best way to ask the universe for what we want is to express our gratitude for what we have first, and then ask for more.  Be aware, the universe (God) always has a better plan for us.  We might get something different from what we asked for.  Just give our deepest appreciation and go with the flow…. 

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