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Do you “sabotage” yourself at times?  If you do, don’t despair!  You can change this bad habit.

Through working with clients from all walks of life, I have found that self-sabotage behavior is very common due to fear of failure or fear of success.

When fear of failure is engulfing you, you might say to yourself:

“I can’t handle this!”

“This is too hard!”

“This is the worst thing ever!”

“This is the end of the world!”

Engaging in this kind of thought pattern will stifle your innate intelligence and weaken your problem solving ability.

Another kind of fear which leads to self-sabotage is fear of success.  When this kind of fear tip toes around you, you might say to yourself:

“When I am rich, I won’t have real friends.  People come to me because they want my money!”

“When I am famous, I won’t have genuine friends.  People surround me because they want to borrow my image.”

“When I am rich and famous, I would be too busy.  I won’t have time for myself.”

“When I am healthy, I won’t be able to get the attention while I am sick.”

“When I am slim and attractive, I might attract the wrong kind of people.”

The list goes on.

Both types of fears act on undetected weakness, negative emotions, lack of self love, lack of confidence, and low self esteem.   Even though you chose to stay in your comfort zone, you don’t necessarily enjoy the status quo.

In the next article, I will discuss how to break the cocoon and enjoy the freedom and colorful life of a butterfly.  Stay tuned!

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