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Q.        I have been on the Herbal Detox program for a few weeks.  I have seen cloudy urine and jelly-fish like creatures in the stool.  Are they yeasts and parasites?  I feel a lot better now.  How much longer should I stay on the Herbal Detox program?

A.        When you eliminate yeasts, your urine and stool can be cloudy and/or mucousy.  Some parasites look like jelly-fish.  They can be seen in your stool or urine.  It depends on what part of your body is infected.

In some rare cases, they can come out in the vomited material.  I once had a client diagnosed with cancer.  She had bone marrow transplant done because cancer had been metastasized.  After she was on Herbal Detox (Yeast-Para Control and Cleansing-Balance Tea) and our “mental detox” program for a few months, she vomited a puddle of “jelly-fish”.  Since then, she has been in “permanent remission!”

It is good news that yeasts and parasites are out of your body, although it can foul or scary.  You will experience more energy and mental clarity after excess yeasts and parasites are removed.  Even though you feel better, you need to continue to stay on the Herbal Detox program to continue to defeat yeasts and parasites.  If you “cease fire” prematurely, they will have time to regroup and replenish themselves for a more rigorous and longer fight.

A general rule is that for one year of illness, it takes at least one month to heal, provided that you follow through with the program.  Most of my clients stay on a maintenance program (a reduced dosage) after they become symptom free.  This is to keep the remaining yeasts and parasites under control.  It is not possible to remove all the little enemies from your body, but you can co-exist with them as long as you keep your immunity strong.


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