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Q.        I had radiotherapy for my throat cancer.  The treatment burned my throat and I have difficulty swallowing.  I am hungry and thirsty.  I feel very weak.  What would you recommend?  I am residing outside of the U. S., how can I get your products and services?

A.        Obviously you are malnourished and dehydrated.  The most important thing now is to get some nutrients and liquid in your body.  Since you have difficulty swallowing solid foods, I would suggest that you drink our herbal smoothie at least three times a day. 


Here is the recipe:

1 cup of rice milk, or soy milk or almond milk

1 cup of purified water

1 scoop of Herbal Cocktail (powder)

2 capsules of Yeast-Para Control (break the capsules, just use the powder content)

2 capsules of Female Vitality (break the capsules, just use the powder content)

1 ripe banana (skin peeled, sliced)

Put the mixture in the blender on high speed for 10 seconds.


I created this herbal smoothie recipe for children or adults who could not swallow capsules.  This recipe has been experimented and perfected to make it delicious without the “herby taste”.  This herbal smoothie will be ideal for you to nourish and hydrate your body; therefore, you can rebuild your strength and immunity.

For meals, follow my yeast-free cookbook, Healthy and Tasty: Dr. J’s Anti-Yeast Cooking  to make brown rice gruel (porridges) and different variety of soups.

From the psychological perspective, any cancer involving the throat area usually  symbolizes that you have suppressed anger and have not expressed your anger verbally.  Follow the guidelines in my book, Breaking the Yeast Curse: Food and Unconditional Love for Magic Healing, to write letters to release the negative emotions in a proper way so that you can finish some “unfinished business.”

My books are available in hard copy or e-books.  We ship our herbal products and books worldwide.  You can place your order online: www.drjsbest.com, or call me at (818) 472-2213, or send me an e-mail at drj@drjsbest.com.  Consultation on the phone or over Skype is also available.  My Skype name: academyofvibranthealth.

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