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fluoride-detoxQ. Do I need to take friendly bacteria or yeast such as saccharomyces boulardii for my health?

A. If you are on Dr. J’s Herbal Detox (Yeast-Para Control and Cleansing-Balance Tea), then you don’t need to take probiotics (friendly bacteria or yeasts).   When excessive yeasts and parasites are removed by our Herbal Detox program, your body’s innate intelligence will create a natural balance in your body.

Probiotics usually need to be refrigerated and taken ASAP before they lose their strength.  It can beneficial to take them especially for improving digestive functions and inhibit infections.  However, our Herbal Detox program can help you accomplish these functions and much more.  For more information, look us up at www.drjsbest.com, or follow us on facebook at www.fb.com/drjsbest.

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To our knowledge, the major function of Probiotics is to improve your digestive and immune systems. You can be on our Detox Program and take Probiotics at the same time – there is no conflict. However, it is not necessary. Our Detox program consists of Yeast-Para-Control and Cleansing-Balance Tea. Yeast-Para Control is designed to remove excess yeast and parasites in your body, and Cleansing-Balance Tea is designed to flush the toxins and cleanse your liver and kidneys. The end results, as reported by our existing clients, include: smooth elimination, flattened tummy, clear sinuses, improved mental clarity and productivity. If you have digestive problems such as acid reflux, flatulence (gas), indigestion, etc, we recommend that you add Herbal Cocktail. Herbal Cocktail contains digestive enzymes that improve your digestive function. In addition, Herbal Cocktail is a high protein herbal drink that curbs your appetite for junk food. Consequently, it stops sugar craving as well.

To summarize, Probiotics add friendly bacteria flora to your body to fight your enemies: yeast and parasites. Our programs remove your enemies and allow your body to have a clean slate to regenerate the friendly bacteria flora on its own. This is what we mean by “activating your body’s innate intelligence to heal yourself.”

For more information about our Detox products, please visit us at www.drjsbest.com.


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