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writingIf things are not going the way you want, one way to redirect the path is writing a letter to the “director” (the divine guide) and asking for what you want.

What would you ask for in 2013?  Feel free to share with us!

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Does God Exist?

“Does God really exist?”  You might ask.  Let’s think of God as the sun.  The sun shines all the time.  However, if you choose to stay on the shadowy side of the mountain, you will not be exposed to the sun.   If you choose to stay on the sunny side of the hill, you will get the benefits of the sun.  How to stay on the sunny side of the hill?  Pray sincerely from your heart.  You will experience God’s existence through divine intervention!

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When we are in the midst of challenges, it’s not unusual to feel overwhelmed and wanting to give up sometimes.  We just need to pray for guidance and solutions constantly.  Just pray sincerely to the source you believe in, whether it’s God, or Buddha, or Jesus, or Muhammad, or Bahaullah, etc.  As long as you pray from your heart, your prayers will be answered sooner or later.  Often times, you might get something better than what you want!

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