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Many people think that milk supplies a rich source of protein and calcium.  Protein, yes; calcium, no!  Because of the homogenization process, the calcium in milk is difficult for your body to absorb.  People who drink a lot of milk end up having calcium deposits in their joints and fingers and developing arthritic symptoms.  Some also develop painful kidney stones.  Many grains, green leafy vegetables and herbs are rich in absorbable calcium.  You should not rely on milk or other dairy products to treat or prevent calcium deficiency.


Drinking a lot of milk to correct calcium deficiency is a myth!  Many research studies reveal that when people drink milk to increase calcium intake, they also increase protein intake.  When protein intake is high, it produces a high ratio of phosphorus.  Phosphorus is acid. In order to balance the Ph of the blood, calcium (an alkaline) is drawn from your bones.  This is actually the main cause for osteoporosis.


Exerpt from Dr. J’s book, Breaking the Yeast Curse: Food and Unconditional Love for Magic Healing.


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