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What are yeasts?  Yeasts belong to the fungus family and candida is one strain of the yeasts.  The job of yeasts is to break down organic matter in a dead body to its simple form like nitrogen.  This function helps the recycling of the ecology.  However, when there is overgrowth of yeasts in your body, they break you down!


Yeasts are everywhere.  Yeasts are in the air you breathe, in the water you drink, on the furniture you sit on, on the surface of fruits and vegetables (espercailly organic ones), and on the furs of your pets.  Tap water is often contaminated with yeasts nowadays.  After you are used to drinking purified water, you may experience stomachaches when you drink tap water.  Leftover foods that you put in the refrigerator may soon become mildewed after a few days.


The most frightening part of all is that yeasts are hidden in most of the  Standard American Diet (SAD).  Breads, cakes, muffins, bagels, nuts, raw vegetables, surfaces of fruits, soy sauce, and miso soup are loaded with yeasts.  Many vitamins also contain yeasts.  You can hardly escape the invasion of yeasts if you don’t pay special attention to your daily food intake.



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