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Pets are like human beings, they can suffer various kinds of physical illnesses.  For example, my son’s dog, Pinky, was diagnosed with a congenital spinal disorder.  She “screamed” and her tail was tucked in when we patted her on her back.  Obviously she was in pain.  The veterinarian doctor suggested a no-guarantee and expensive surgery.  Instead, we fed her Yeast-Para Control , Female Vitality and healthy, organic dog food.  She now jumps up and down and is very energetic every day.  She also enjoys being petted on her back and her belly scratched.

How do you feed your pets our herbal formulas?

Basically, one capsule is for every 10 pounds.  One way to feed them is to break the capsules and spread the herbal contents in their meal.  Another way is holding their mouths open, dropping the capsules in their throats, and gently rubbing their throats to help them swallow the capsules (similar to how veterinarians would prescribe tablets or pills to pets).

Yeast-Para Control is essential for all illnesses because it removes excess yeasts and parasites and reduces or eliminates inflammation.  Female Vitality or Male Vitality is beneficial to uplift their energy level.  You can also mix some of the Cleansing-Balance Tea with their drinking water (use purified water).  The Herbal Detox and Hormonal Regeneration programs are always beneficial to their healing process.

Also, be sure to give a lot of Vitamin L (L for love) to your ailing pets.  Remember, pets are like human beings.  They need Vitamin L to facilitate healing!

If you are not sure about what formulas are good for your pets’ ailments, please call me direct at (818) 472-2213.  I would be happy to give you a few minutes of free consultation.

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