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Potassium iodine (KI) is good to prevent thyroid cancer only if there is radioactive iodine in the radiation.  Also, radioactive iodine loses its radiation power after a few days.   So, KI is only needed within the first few days of exposure to radiation.  Stocking up on a bottle or two can be more than enough to fight against this type of radiation damage.  A bottle is good for a 30-day supply, and the shelf life is from five to seven years.

Because of the frenzy of stocking up on KI, some retailers take advantage of the situation by increasing their prices from less than $ 50 a bottle to $ 500 or even $1,500 a bottle.  Is it necessary to pay for KI at such a high price?  I don’t believe so, and the following is the reason why (be aware that KI is only good to prevent thyroid cancer right after the exposure to radiation, but not other types of cancer such as leukemia).

Can you get iodine from a natural source?  Of course you can!  Sea vegetables like kelp provide an abundance of iodine.  One table spoon of kelp provides approximately 12 mg of iodine, while daily recommended dosage is only 150 mcg (1 mg = 1,000 mcg).  Therefore, it would make more sense to stock up on dry sea vegetables like kelp.  If you eat sea vegetables regularly, then you have no need to stock KI.

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