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The conventional treatment for hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid) is using synthroid at various dosages to match with your body’s production of triiodothyronine (T-3) and thyroxine (T-4).  Synthroid is a synthetic hormone identical to the natural hormones in your body.  Because the production of T3 and T4 fluctuates based on your body’s need to metabolize sugar and fats you consume, the dosage of synthroid needs to be adjusted to avoid overdose of the drug.  Frequent visits to your doctor’s office are essential for blood tests to determine the T3 and T4 levels. 

Many of my clients have decided to take their health in their hands by improving their life styles, and go for natural remedies.

The following are common natural remedies for hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid):

Yeast –Free Nutritional Program:

As mentioned in previous articles, excessive intake of sugar and fats make the thyroid gland overworked and exhausted.  Therefore, it’s essential to feed your body with a yeast-free nutritional program that contains no sugar, no dairy, no wheat, no yeasts, no alcohol, no caffeine, no nicotine, nor chemicals.  These items are favorite foods for yeasts and parasites.  When you are on the yeast-free nutritional program, you feed your body – but starve the little enemies within.  To learn what to eat and what to avoid, follow my yeast-free cookbook, Healthy and Tasty: Dr. J’s Anti-Yeast Cooking.

Herbal Detox:

Yeasts and parasites develop colonies at the weak parts of your body.  Herbal therapy is essential to getting rid of the excessive yeasts and parasites so your body’s innate intelligence will have a clean slate to heal.  Since yeasts and parasites are like Siamese twins (they go hand in hand) a potent herbal formula is needed to remove both yeasts and parasites simultaneouslyYeast-Para Control is designed for this purpose. 

Cleansing-Balance Tea is designed to cleanse your liver and kidneys, and remove the “debris” created by Yeast-Para Control.  Therefore, the combination of Yeast-Para Control and Cleansing-Balance Tea works wonders for detoxification!

Hormonal Regeneration:

Female Vitality or Male Vitality is designed to balance your hormones, increase cool, calm energy, improve your mental concentration, metabolism, and productivity, reactivate your libido, and uplift your mood.  For those who want to reduce the dosage of synthroid or not taking synthroid at all, Female Vitality or Male Vitality is a good supplement or replacement.


Stress is part of daily life.  Stress can be a motivating force for you move forward.  One just needs to learn stress management techniques to make stress work for you instead of against you. 

Daily meditation, stress releasing technique, prayers, affirmations and meditative walks are all helpful self-administered methods to manage stress properly.  For details regarding all these stress management techniques, please read my book, Breaking the Yeast Curse: Food and Unconditional Love for Magic Healing.

Adequate Iodine Intake:

The trace mineral iodine is essential for the production of thyroid hormones.  Many Americans have iodine deficiency.  Sea vegetables such as kelp is an excellent source of iodine.  One table spoon of kelp yields approximately 12 mg of iodine while the daily recommended dosage is only 150 mcg (1mg =1,000 mcg).  Eating sea vegetables regularly will help maintain a strong thyroid function.  There is a recipe for Seaweed Tofu Soup in my yeast free cookbook, Healthy and Tasty: Dr. J’s Anti-Yeast Cooking.

The above natural remedies have proven very effective for the treatment of hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid).  Depending on the T3 and T4 levels in your blood tests, you may want to wean yourself off of synthetic hormones by incorporating these natural remedies.

For consultation on yeast-free nutrition, herbal detox, hormonal imbalance, weight control, stress management, and spiritual counseling, please call us at (800) 715-3053 or send an e-mail to drj@drjsbest.com.  Consultation sessions over Skype or the telephone are also available.  For more information, visit our website at www.drjsbest.com.

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In order to control your weight permanently, you need to nourish your body, mind, and spirit on a consistent basis.  As described in the previous article,  it’s important to follow a yeast-free nutritional program so your body will not suffer new assaults.   It’s also important to use Herbal Cocktail to curb your appetitite and sugar craving, Fitness Regular as a fat blocker, and Fitness Plus as a fat burner.

The following strategies will help you manage your stress and balance your spirit effectively:

Manage Your Stress Effectively:

Psychological stress, if managed properly, can be motivating and beneficial.  The first step is to accept instead of resist stress.  Accept the fact that you are being challenged and that every challenge gives you an opportunity to grow and expand.   

Life is like school: before you can obtain a diploma or degree, you must be willing and able to do your homework and pass a series of tests.  The good news is that even if you fail, the universe will provide you with unlimited opportunities to go through the tests again and again until you past them!  Therefore, your clock is not ticking.  Time is irrelevant!

Follow the Emotion Releasing Technique instructions in Chapter 11 of Breaking the Yeast Curse: Food and Unconditional Love for Magic Healing, to release your psychological toxins and allow yourself to move on with your life with a clean slate.  Some self-administered techniques such as  self-hypnosis, meditation, prayers and affirmations can also be helpful in reducing stress physically and psychologically.  If psychological stress becomes paralyzing, then you should seek competent professional help.

Restore Spiritual Balance:

Spiritually speaking, we all chose our destiny when we were born into this life.  No matter what kind of life situation we are in, we are given an opportunity to prove that we have the strength, tenacity, wisdom and faith to overcome obstacles and excel. 

The only way to get out of the rut of a dysfunctional life situation is to exercise your unconditional love and wisdom.

Use the principles described in Chapter 11 of Breaking the Yeast Curse: Food and Unconditional Love for Magic Healing to understand, accept, forgive and release.  Once you can release the negative emotions toward those who have done you wrong, you can release the negative past that has been haunting you.  When you no longer carry the old baggage, you no longer carry the excess weight!  Love and respect yourself as the most unique, creative and miraculous person in the world.  If you cannot accomplish this on your own, seeking help from a spiritually-oriented, well-grounded therapist can be fruitful.

Exercise Daily:

One last thing I want to stress is the importance of exercising daily.  It’s common sense that exercise improves your blood circulation,  brings more oxygen to your body cells, burns calories, and generates endorphins.  Endorphins are natural hormones, and are considered as morphine from within.  Morphine is a pain killer.  If you experience stiffness or arthritic pain, exercise will reduce or eliminate the aches and pains.   From a psychological perspective, endorphins also gives you calm, high feelings.  Because these feelings don’t last, you need to exercise everyday to generate new supplies of endorphins.

You might say, “I don’t have the membership to a gym!”  You can exercise without a gym. You can do slow walking in your neighborhood or in a park for 30 minutes a day, or you may jog in place for 10 minutes a day to start.  When there is a will, there is a way! 

Your weight and health problems did not occur overnight.  Naturally, becoming trim and getting well takes time.  Only your complete understanding of the illness and wellness process, as well as commitment and patience, will bring you positive and permanent results!

For consultation on yeast-free nutrition, herbal detox, hormonal imbalance, stress management, and spiritual counseling, please call us at (800) 715-3053, or send an e-mail to drj@drjsbest.com.  Consultation sessions over Skype or the telephone are also available.


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Q.       I have been dealing with skin issues on my penis for about 15 years (psoriasis, dermatitis, herpes, and warts) and have tried all kinds of creams (taclonex, protopic, laser treatments).  My biggest concern is getting penile cancer.  Do you have any suggestions?

A.       What you have described are common male yeast infection symptoms.  I would suggest adopting a holistic approach – a lifestyle called “yeast-free living”.  First, remove the fear of getting cancer.  Fear only attracts what you don’t want.  Even if you have cancer, there are drug-free treatments to reduce or eliminate symptoms.

Here are some tips for treating male genital yeast infections:

1)    Use a cotton ball and Witch Hazel to clean the affected area.  Then use Vitamin E oil to smear on top of the skin.  Make sure that you wear surgical gloves to prevent spreading.  If you cannot find liquid Vitamin E oil, just break the foot-ball shaped Vitamin E soft jell, and smear the content on the affected skin.  Do this as often as you can, and at least once a day before bed. 

2)    Abstain from sex during the outbreak of herpes, warts, psoriasis, or any kind of dermatitis.  All these genital skin infections are yeast-related, and they are sexually transmittable.  Even if you are symptom-free, you will want to wear a condom to protect your partner, or to protect yourself from being re-infected by your partner.

3)    Before you have sex with a new partner, you always want to disclose what you have.  Your potential partner can then make an informed decision whether s/he want to be involved with you sexually.  I have counseled many angry and regretful couples because the “truth” was not disclosed beforehand.

4)    Follow a yeast-free nutritional program consisting of no sugar, dairy, wheat, yeast, alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, and chemicals (“Dr. J’s Eight Commandments” as detailed in my cookbook, Healthy & Tasty: Dr. J’s Anti-Yeast CookingStaying away from the Standard American Diet (SAD) will nourish your body and starve yeasts and parasites that are causing you long-term skin infections. 

5)    Get on our Herbal Detox program (consisting of Yeast-Para Control and Cleansing-Balance Tea).  Take full dosage of Yeast-Para Control until symptoms subsides.  You can even increase the dosage up to 15 capsules a day.  Yeast-Para Control removes excess yeasts and parasites in your body and allows your body’s innate intelligence to heal you.  Drink the Cleansing-Balance Tea throughout the day (one tea bag makes six cups) to cleanse your liver and kidneys and remove toxins. 

6)    Stress is the key factor contributing to a chronic case of yeast and parasitic infections.  Read my book, Breaking the Yeast Curse: Food and Unconditional Love for Magic Healing and learn stress management techniques such as 10-minutes meditation, Emotional Releasing Technique, special prayers and affirmations.

7)    From an emotional perspective, genital herpes and warts are reflections of sexual guilt or sexual identity issues.  Consider some consultation sessions to uproot the causes.

I offer consultation on yeast-free nutrition, Chinese Herbal Detox, Hormonal Balance, Weight Control, stress management, and spiritual counseling on the phone or Skype.  For an appointment, please call 1-800-715-3053 or send an e-mail to drj@drjsbest.com.

Healthy regards,

Dr. J

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