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Buddha on the hillWhen Buddha Shakyamuni taught the Mystic Law of Lotus Sutra (the sutra of cause and effect) to his disciples, he used many parables.  The following is one of them:

Once upon a time, there was a rich old man who owned many properties.  His regret was that his son was not around to inherit his properties.  His son ran away from home many decades ago to create his own life.  One day the down-and-out son came to his father’s estate looking for a job, but he did not recognize his father.  The father recognized his son and gave him some tests.

First he assigned the son very low jobs such as cleaning the bathrooms and chamber pots throughout house.  The son did his job without any complaint.  He was grateful that he had a job.  The son was also honest and did not steal any of the old man’s rich belongings, even though he was presented with opportunities.

The son really won the old man’s heart.  When the old man was on his deathbed, he summoned his son and announced that all his properties went to the son.

This is an example of doing the best you can during adversities.  Be grateful about whatever you have.  When the time comes, you will receive an abundance of reward unexpectedly.

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