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I suffered from candidiasis for years.  I was underweight, lethargic, bloated and prone to kidney and bladder infections.  I also had skin rash all over my body. 


After taking Yeast-Para Control, Cleansing-Balance Tea, Herbal Cocktail, and Female Vitality and following Dr. J’s yeast-free nutritional program, I gained 7 pounds in two months.  My skin is now clearing up.  I rarely feel bloated unless I eat the wrong kind of food (yeast favorite food) again. I haven’t had any episode of kidney or bladder infections since I started the program.  I now have a lot more energy!  


I also learned how to handle my stress better when I follow the instructions in her book, Breaking the Yeast Curse: Food and Unconditional Love for Magic Healing.  I exercise more and rest more.  


I still see seeds-like and spaghetti-like stuff in my stool although less than before. Dr. J told me that they were eggs of parasites and mature worms.  I am not out of woods yet, but I feel a lot better!  Basically I had an “overhaul” change of my lifestyle.  I love my new life!



Ellen R., Actress, New York, New York


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