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Die-off syndrome occurs when yeasts and parasites die and release toxins in your body.  These toxins can make you feel sick from head to toe.  Die-off symptoms include headaches, sinus congestion, ear clogging, fatigue, sugar craving, skin rash, or itch in the vagina, penis, or anus.  Whatever symptoms you experienced in the past may be worse during the die-off period.  Or, symptoms you did not have before, may suddenly emerge.  The die-off period is also called the “cleansing crisis.”  Die-off symptoms can mimic symptoms of flu and cold.
When you are on our Herbal Detox (Yeast-Para Control and Cleansing-Balance Tea), die-off symptoms can occur within days.  If you take both formulas, the die-off period may not last long.  To use an analogy, Yeast-Para Control scrubs the toilet, while Cleansing-Balance Tea flushes the toilet.  Without Cleansing-Balance Tea, the defeated bodies of yeasts and parasites may linger in your body and give you more toxins.
When the die-off (cleansing crisis) occurs, there are two ways to handle it.  The first way is, according to my clients, “feeling great about feeling miserable.”  Just tough it out, and you will feel the relief soon.  Some of my clients even took a few days off work, stayed home and rested to ride out the cleansing crisis.  If taking time off work is not possible, and you would like to reduce discomfort, you may reduce the dosage.  However, although this approach may reduce your discomfort during the die-off period, it will take you longer to remove your toxins.  You can compare this to a sharp but short pain versus dull and long pain.  You may choose either approach to suit your life situation.
Alternatively, you can add Herbal Cocktail to stop sugar craving, and add Female Vitality or Male Vitality to reduce your fatigue and mind fog.
The worst thing you can do is to rush to your physician to get antibiotics or cortisone to inhibit the die-off symptoms.  This approach will guarantee more overgrowth of yeasts and parasites and more cleansing will be required if you would like to heal yourself in the long run.
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