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Holistic health is a health practice that considers all aspects of life that may contribute to the total well-being of an individual.  The individual is treated as a whole person, not as parts of a machine.  Hence, all aspects of human needs including physical, mental, spiritual and financial are taken into consideration in the healing process.

In developed and developing countries, drug treatment is prevalent.  Drug treatment gives the diseased individuals a false belief that their symptoms can be cured by a magic bullet.  After their cabinets look like pharmacies, they realized that all the drugs they have been taking only gave them more side effects.  Usually this is time that they seek holistic treatment.

Based on my observation in more than three decades of holistic health care practice, I have found that those who are able, willing and ready to take full responsibility for their health, and make a total lifestyle change, tend to survive life-threatening diseases such as cancer.  At the least, their quality of life was greater than their counterparts who relied on chemotherapy, radiation or surgery.

Holistic healing, however, is not a new concept.  It is an ancient science dating back to at least 5,000 years ago. Holistic healing practitioners propagated the idea of a healthy way of living and being in harmony with nature.  The general principle of holism was summarized by Aristotle in theMetaphysics: “The whole is more than the sum of its parts”.  The philosopher Socrates also acknowledged the holistic approach and suggested that people should look at the body as a whole and not part-by-part.

The creator of Western medicine, Hypocrites, said “Do no harm!”  Unfortunately, many Western trained physicians have been influenced by the financial ties with pharmaceutical companies.  Prescription drug abuse has been a serious health issue in developed and developing countries.

This has prompted holistic health practices to become a more recognized and accepted medical practice since the 1970’s.  Holistic health has become more accepted as the primary care practice in some European countries such as Sweden.  In the U. S. and other developed or developing countries, there is a holistic health movement underway – moving away from drugs towards a drug-free, holistic treatment.

What are your thoughts?  Are you content or discontent with the current health care system?

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