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Once upon a time, a poor man complained to Buddha, “No matter what I did, I failed. Why?”

Buddha replied: “Because you never give.”

The poor man answered, “I am so poor.  I don’t have a penny to give.”

Buddha educated the poor man, “You can give in many ways without money.  For example,

1)     Give your smile: Whatever and whoever you encounter, smile.

2)     Give your good words:  Talk to and about people with good words.  Motivate people to do positive things with your good words.

3)     Give your kind heart: Be considerate and caring of others.

4)     Give your passionate eyes:  Look at others with understanding, passionate, and loving eyes.

5)     Give your physical assistance: Offer physical assistance whenever appropriate.  Set a good example for people to follow.

6)     Give your seat: Offer your seat to people who need it more than you do.

7)     Give your sensitivity: Be sensitive to the need of others, and offer your help before they ask.”

The poor man bowed with humility….

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