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Q.        I am 52 years old.  I did not have period for about a year.  All of a sudden, I had a good amount of period last month, then it stopped.  I am glad it did.  However, my menopausal symptoms had increased.  They include hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, loss of sexual drive, weight gain, depression and extreme fatigue.  How much longer would I suffer from these symptoms?  Can you recommend holistic treatment for them?

A.        The symptoms you described are typical menopausal symptoms.  With proper treatment, these menopausal symptoms can be controlled.  Otherwise, they can linger for the rest of your life.  The following holistic treatment methods are most effective for menopause according to my clinical experience:

1.  Anti-Yeast Nutritional Program:

When you follow my “Eight Commandments:” no sugar, no dairy, no wheat, no yeasts, no caffeine, no alcohol, no nicotine, nor chemicals, your symptoms of hot flashes, night sweats, and mood swings will be under control.

2.  Herbal Therapy:

Take the following formulas that I formulated for you to regain your health. For example: Take the Herbal Detox Package (Yeast-Para Control and Cleansing-Balance Tea) for removing yeasts, parasites, and toxins; and Female Vitality for balancing hormones such as estrogen to regain your sexual libido, increase your energy, and uplift your depression.  I also recommend our Fitness Plus (a fat burner) for weight control.

3.  Stress Management:

Meditate daily to reduce your day-to-day-stress.  Go to my website: www.drjsbest.com  to download a FREE 10-minute meditation guide.  If you practice daily, you will enjoy peace and harmony in your life whether you are in menopause or not.

4. Regular Exercise:

Regular exercise improves blood circulation, and gives you a regular supply of endorphins (a natural chemical that can make you feel calm and happy).  Regular exercise also burns calories and reduces weight.  If you experience extreme fatigue, just start slow walking or in-place jogging for five minutes, and gradually build up.

When you adopt the above holistic approach, you will be able to reduce or eliminate menopausal symptoms and enjoy the absence of monthly inconvenience!

For telephone consultation on holistic treatment for various health issues such as yeast-free nutrition, herbal detox, hormonal imbalance, weight control, stress management, and spiritual counseling, please call (800) 715-3053 , or  (818) 472-2213 , or send an e-mail to drj@drjsbest.com.  Consultation sessions over Skype are also available.  Skype name: academyofvibranthealth.  For more information, visit our website: www.drjsbest.com.

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Q.        I have lost and gained at least 100 pounds in the past two years.  I am sick and tired of these weight yo-yo’s.  How can I lose weight and stay off?

A.        Weight yo-yo (weight cycling) is very common when people seek a “quick fix” for their weight problems.  You need to make a commitment to a healthier lifestyle if you want long-lasting results.  I personally lost 50 pounds and have been staying fit for the past three decades (even after two pregnancies).  The commonly used excuses such as carrying baby fat after pregnancies and slowdown of the metabolism with age, etc. would not affect you if you follow the following recommendations:

1.  Yeast-Free Nutritional Program:

Remember, I don’t call this a “yeast-free diet”, because “diet” would denote a temporary fix.  I call it a nutritional program because this is for life.  In this nutritional program, you choose food that nourishes your body and starves your “little enemies”: yeasts and parasites.   The yeast-free nutritional program consists of no sugar, no dairy, no wheat, no yeasts, no caffeine, no alcohol, no nicotine, nor chemicals.  I know this is a tall order for most Americans, because the Standard American Diet (SAD) is loaded with theses no-no’s and causes both childhood and adult obesity.  Do the best you can – You will get benefits proportional to your effort.  To learn what to eat and what to avoid, follow my yeast-free cookbook, Healthy and Tasty: Dr. J’s Anti-Yeast Cooking.

2.  Herbal Therapy:

A yeast-free nutritional program prevents new toxins from entering your body.  If your body already has toxin and fat build up, you need to consider herbal formulas that can remove toxins and burn the existing fat.  To help my clients lose weight effectively, I usually recommend our Herbal Detox(Yeast-Para Control and Cleansing-Balance Tea) together with the Weight Management (Herbal Cocktail, Fitness Regular, and Fitness Plus) program.  In order for your body to boost your metabolism, it’s essential that you have the toxins removed.

3.  Proper Hydration:

Dehydration can cause your entire body system to break down, including metabolic function.  Drink eight to 10 glasses of liquid (about eight oz. each glass) per day.  Your body needs this amount of liquid to ensure good blood circulation and smooth transportation of nutrients to your body cells.  If you are on our Herbal Detoxand Weight Management programs, you will have 6 cups of Cleansing-Balance Teaper day, plus one to two glasses of an Herbal Cocktailsmoothie, plus one cup of soup if you follow my yeast-free cookbook.  You are also welcome to drink one to two glasses of water in addition to the above.  Thus, your body will be properly hydrated if you are on our recommended programs.  When your body is properly hydrated, you don’t feel hungry as easily.  The food you ingest would be better digested and the nutrients will be properly absorbed.

4.  Daily Exercise:

Exercise improves your blood circulation and increases the absorption of our herbal formulas.  Exercise also generate endorphins (the morphine within) which can reduce or prevent the aches and pains in your body.  It also gives you a feeling of being calm and high.  According to some of my clients, it’s better than marijuana!

Some people use excuses such as no money for gym membership, no gym nearby, not liking the people in the gym, etc.  Here is my suggestion: you don’t need to go to the gym to exercise.  You can do slow walking around the block in your neighborhood, or walk in a mall if you are concerned about your safety, or simply jog in place at home.  Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

5.  Cleansing Mental Toxins:

Weight is often used as a subconscious protection shield.  Most of my clients with overweight conditions had been abused physically, sexually, and/or mentally.  Until the negative emotions such as anger, resentment, fear, regret, guilt, etc are cleared up with spiritual/psychological counseling, the weight yo-yo’s can continue on a subconscious level.  I highly recommend spiritual counseling here because I help my clients find meaning in the suffering.  Traditional psychotherapy can take a long time and still not achieve the same result.  Read my book, Breaking the Yeast Curse: Food and Unconditional Love for Magic Healingfor more details.

Maintaining your ideal weight is a life-long journey in staying physically and mentally fit.  No fad diet can accomplish this.  You must make a total commitment to a healthy lifestyle!  Our herbal programs will make it much easier to achieve this lifestyle.

For consultation on yeast-free nutrition, herbal detox, hormonal imbalance, weight control, stress management, and spiritual counseling, please call us at (800) 715-3053 or (818) 472-2213, or send an e-mail to drj@drjsbest.com.  Consultation sessions over Skype or the telephone are also available.  For more information, visit our website: www.drjsbest.com.

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According to the National Commission on Sleep Disorders Research, at least 40 million Americans suffer from chronic sleep disorders (insomnia) and another 20 to 30 million experience occasional sleep problems.

Causes of insomnia may include a wide variety of things such as stress (too many things on one’s mind), anxiety, depression, side effects of medication one takes, the amount of caffeine one drinks (caffeinated coffee and/or tea),  going to bed hungry, etc.

Common symptoms of insomnia include:

  • Difficulty falling asleep at night or getting back to sleep after waking during the night.
  • Sleep is light and fragmented
  • The need of taking sleeping pills, and/or use of nightcaps in order to get to sleep.
  • Experience of sleepiness, fatigue, low energy, poor mental concentration, low productivity, depression, and irritability during the day.

Drug Free, Holistic Treatment for Insomnia:

Based on my more than 30 years of clinical experience, the most effective natural remedies are to remove both physical and mental toxins.  The following have been reported by my clients as most effective:

1)    Yeast-Free Nutritional Program:

When yeasts and parasites are well fed, they can keep you awake at night, because they love a still environment.  As much as you can, stay on a yeast-free nutritional program containing no sugar, no dairy, no wheat, no yeasts, no caffeine, no alcohol, no nicotine nor chemicals.   To learn what to eat and what to avoid, follow my yeast-free cookbook, Healthy and Tasty: Dr. J’s Anti-Yeast Cooking.

1)    Herbal Therapy:

Our Herbal Detox program: Yeast-Para Control and Cleansing-Balance Tea are designed to remove excess yeasts, parasites, and toxins.  Therefore, you can rest more peacefully and harmoniously at night.  Staying on our Herbal Detox program may help you wean yourself off of medication you may be taking, especially medication that is supposed to treat other drugs’ side effects.

2)    Regular Exercise:

In addition to your exercise routine during the day time, slow walking after dinner is particularly beneficial to your digestion and can help you sleep better.  The endorphins (endo-morphine) generated through this low impact exercise give a sense of calmness and harmony.

3)    Not Going to Bed Hungry:

An empty stomach can keep you awake!  Have some sugar free, dairy free, wheat free, and yeast free snack ready if you must eat something before bed.  In my yeast-free cookbook, Healthy and Tasty: Dr. J’s Anti-Yeast Cooking, there are some recipes for baked goods such as muffins, cookies, brownies, etc. you can bake, and have them ready if need them to avoid hypoglycemia.  Have one of these baked goods with a warm cup of Cleansing-Balance Tea and a scoop of Herbal CocktailYour stomach will be happy and this will help you sleep through the night.  For a parallel, have you observed that hungry babies tend to wake up frequently at night?

4)    Salt Shower and Warm Bath:

Take a salt shower first, then soak in warm to hot water for 10 to 15 minutes before bed.  Salt showers clean the negative energy that has been clinging onto you; and the warm bath relaxes your tight muscles.

5)    Ten-Minute Meditation:

For those with tight schedules, my Ten-Minute meditation technique works very well for insomnia because it’s short and easy to follow.  To learn this simple technique, read my book: Breaking the Yeast Curse: Food and Unconditional Love for Magic Healing.

6)    Emotional Releasing Technique:

Another technique you can use is the Emotional Releasing Technique in my book: Breaking the Yeast Curse: Food and Unconditional Love for Magic HealingThis can help you release the insomniac energy and quickly help you get to or fall back to sleep.

If you combine any of the above recommendations, chances are you will have a surprisingly good night’s sleep and say goodbye to insomnia without drugs!  If your sleep disorders are caused by unfinished business, you will get long-lasting results if you uproot the core of your stress, anxiety, or depression.  You might need to consult with an experienced counselor who specializes in spiritual counseling to accomplish this.

For consultation on sleep disorders, yeast-free nutrition, herbal detox, hormonal imbalance, weight control, depression, stress management, and spiritual counseling, please call us at (800) 715-3053 or (818) 472-2213.  You can also email us at drj@drjsbest.com.  Consultation sessions over Skype or the telephone are also available.  For more information, visit our website: www.drjsbest.com.

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In Part 1 of this article, I addressed three natural remedies for Pre-Menstrual Syndrome (PMS), including yeast-free nutrition, herbal detox, and hormonal regeneration.  A yeast-free nutritional approach will prevent allergens such as simple sugars, dairy, wheat, and yeasts from entering the body.  In the pre-menstrual period, I recommended to increase the intake of complex carbohydrates and crucifers such as broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, and brussel sprouts.  This type of food will help reduce the amount of hormones such as prostaglandin, estrogen, progesterone and prolactin, and thus reduce water retention, bloating, weight gain, and mood swings.

If you want to learn more about what you can eat and what you should avoid, follow my yeast-free cookbook: Healthy and Tasty: Dr. J’s Anti-Yeast Cooking.   Secondly, go on our Herbal Detox (consisting of Yeast-Para Control and Cleansing-Balance Tea ) and hormonal regeneration product with Female Vitality.  Our Herbal Detox program removes excess yeasts and parasites, thus cleaning up existing toxins.  Female Vitality balances the female hormonal system and allows the female hormones to work for you instead of against you.

The following are additional natural remedies for PMS:

1)    Exercise:

Exercise is particularly helpful with PMS because it generates endorphins, a morphine from within.  Endorphin is an opium-like, natural substance which reduces pain and gives a calm, high feeling (without the use of drugs)!  Again, don’t wait until you are in the middle of PMS to exercise.  Do 30 minutes of slow walking every day.  This type of exercise will improve your blood circulation and thus reduce the tendency of water retention and muscle aches.  The heavy feeling and cramps in your pelvic area can also be reduced or eliminated.  Regular exercise can also strengthen the muscle tone in your lower abdomen and thus increase the tolerance for pain or discomfort.  A side benefit is that it also helps you become a better lover when you have tight, instead of loose, muscles.  And remember, slow walking is free of charge! 

 2)    Hands-On Healing:

Hands-on healing techniques such as therapeutic touch and gentle chiropractic adjustment known as cranio-sacral technique can be very soothing during the onset of PMS.   If you feel too uncomfortable to have anyone touch you while experiencing severe cramps, just put your hand(s) on the area that is cramping, such as the lower abdomen or hip areas.  The healing energy in your own hands can reduce the cramps and give some relief to pain.   You can do this while lying down or sitting up, such as while driving. 

 3)    Stress Management:

Women who are under heavy emotional stress often suffer from more PMS.  Your body and mind affect each other at all times.  Emotional stress can cause many kinds of physical problems including PMS.  Remember, all physical illnesses have symbolic meanings.  PMS involves the female reproductive system. It requires the examination of emotional issues concerning one’s femininity.  A woman with a positive self-image usually takes good care of herself and does not give PMS a chance to creep in or sustain itself. 

 4)    Sexercise:

The Chinese have long believed that if a young woman has PMS, she will grow out of it after she is married.  Why?  Sexercise! 

 Sex is the best remedy for PMS.  Good sex increases self-esteem and improves blood circulation.  When you enjoy good quality and quantity of sex with the right partner, you feel loved and energized.

Women who suffer from PMS or menopause usually are sexually inactive whether they are married or not.  Sexual desire and potency do not have to decline with age.  Some of my clients enjoy frequent sex (at least three or four times a week) in their 80s!  You are never too old or too tired for sex!  Remember two principles: 1) you either use it or lose it; and 2) practice makes perfect!   When you learn to enjoy sex on a regular basis, you will learn to enjoy being a female.  Also remember, Female Vitality can help improve sexual function.  When you enjoy being a female or being who you are, chances are you will say goodbye to PMS!

For consultation on yeast-free nutrition, herbal detox, hormonal imbalance, stress management, and spiritual counseling on Skype or telephone, please call us at (800) 715-3053, or send an e-mail to drj@drjsbest.com for an appointment.

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