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Q.        I have severe PMS (Pre-Menstrual Syndrome).  I experience bloating, sugar craving, mood swings and extreme fatigue before the period, and bad cramps during the period.   Why?  I don’t want to rely on diuretics and pain pills.  What is your suggestion for drug-free remedies?

A.        About seven to ten days before your period, your estrogen and blood volume increases.  This is why you experience mood swings, bloating, and water retention.  When your blood volume increases, your blood sugar level also elevates.  The elevated blood sugar feeds the yeasts and parasites in your body.  When your little enemies are well-fed, they thrive and want more.  They scream “Feed me!  Feed me!”  Oftentimes people would continue feeding them with simple carbohydrates (refined sugar such as chocolate).  A vicious cycle ensues.  When yeasts and parasites begin to eat you alive, you will experience extreme fatigue and cramps.

Diuretics (water pills) and pain pills only provide you with temporary relief.  What you need is an “overhaul” of your life style:

1) Dietary Change to nourish your body and not feed yeasts and parasites

2) Herbal Therapy to detox and balance your hormones

3) Regular Exercise to improve your blood circulation

4) Stress Management to reduce mood swings

5) Sexercise to facilitate your energy flow and increase your self-esteem.

In the next article, I will give you more details.  Stay tuned!


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