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Do you feel that you are lost in a jungle of diets?  If so, read on.  This article will help you cut through the jungle!

In the 1990s, the low-fat diet swept America and the rest of the world.  Low-fat diet followers watched their fat intake very carefully, and yet allowed their carbohydrate intake to go through the roof.  For example, they piled up their plates with pasta or ate a whole bag of low-fat cookies.  As a result, they gained weight and felt bloated.  In addition, low-fat entrees or snacks often tasted like “garbage” (as many of my clients have described them).  Then came the birth of the “low-carb” diet.

What is a low-carb diet?  Normally 45 to 65 percent of one’s daily calories come from carbohydrates.  Eating less than 40 percent would be considered eating low carb.  Many people swear by the Atkins diet (high-fat, high-protein, and low-carb) for losing weight.  However, one study published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that people on a low-carb diet did lose more weight in the first six months, but by the end of one year, people on low-fat diets performed about the same as those on the low-carb diet.

Some of my clients were on low-carb, high-fat, and high-protein diets for a while prior to coming to my office.  Initially, they enjoyed the results of weight loss.  However, pretty soon they developed ketosis and had to be hospitalized.  What is ketosis?  Ketosis is the presence of relatively large amounts of acetone or acetone bodies in the blood.  This occurs when there is incomplete oxidation of large amounts of fat, as in diabetic acidosis or starvation.  To use plain language, severe ketosis can lead to coma or death! 

I hope it is clear to you that singling out any nutrient for the purpose of losing weight is dangerous.  A well-balanced diet will help you go a long way.  What then is a balanced diet?  According to the American Heart Association, a diet that contains approximately 40 % complex carbohydrates, 20 % protein, and 20 % fat is a balanced diet.

In the next article, I will further discuss best diets.  Stay tuned!

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