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Q.        Are laboratory tests accurate in detecting the presence of yeasts and parasites?

A.        Modern technology is improving in terms of detecting the presence of yeasts and parasites.  However, most laboratory tests and x-rays cannot do the job accurately.   Even though the recent development of DNA testing is far superior to all previous tests, the scope is limited.  Why?  Yeasts and parasites have more than 250,000 species.  Candida albicans alone has a family of more than 40 strains of harmful yeasts.  No test up to date can detect them all!

Based on my more than three decades of clinical experience, the best assessment of yeast and parasitic infections is the observation of the eyes, skin, tongue and knowledge of a detailed health history.   Most importantly, when my clients are on our Herbal Detox program, within days they will see the “evidence” in the toilet such as:

Debris of Yeasts

Cloudy or mucousy materials in the urine or stool.  Some of my clients described them as “the Milky Way” or “clouds under the water.”

Eggs of Parasites:

They look like sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, undigested brown rice, or broken corn.  You can see them in your stool or menstrual blood clots.

Mature Worms:

They come in various sizes, shapes and colors.  Pinworms appear to be fibers sticking out of your stool.  Hook worms look like spaghetti or string cheese.  Flat worms look like broken tree leaves dancing in the toilet when you flush it.

In other words, your toilet is your best laboratory!

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