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Woman Closing EyeIn the previous two articles, I gave you an introductory description on the increasing number of educated people who believed in reincarnation, and of how I became involved with past-life therapy starting from 1988.

I consider the knowledge, skills and experience I accumulated from past-life therapy sessions in the past 24 years as a gift.  Because of this gift, I am able to help my clients transform their relationships with themselves and/or others when their other healing processes reached a plateau.  The following is a good clinical example:

June, an attractive, intelligent, 32-year-old woman, came to me with symptoms of chronic fatigue, allergies, bloating and eating disorders.  She also suffered from depression and low self-esteem because she was out of a job.  When she experienced spurts of emotional eating, she often stuffed herself with foods containing sugar, dairy, wheat and yeast.  During those binging episodes, she ate so fast and so much that her jaws and stomach hurt.  After she was put on the anti-yeast nutritional program, she would still binge on healthy food from time to time.  Portion-control was a serious problem for her.  Knowing that she believed in reincarnation and that she had been meditating, I suggested past-life therapy be used as a technique to release some of her deep emotional issues.  She was thrilled to try it.

After a deep breathing and induction procedure, the following was revealed: June “saw” herself as an old, female beggar in England during the 14th century.  Most of her life she was starved.  One time, there was a festival in the countryside.  She sneaked into the crowd and stuffed food into her mouth as fast as she could for two reasons:  she had been starved and she was afraid that people might ask her to leave as soon as they spotted her.  She ate so fast that her jaws and her stomach hurt.

Through reprogramming, June was able to let go of the traumatic experience associated with food and allow positive images to stay with her.  In the process of reprogramming, I suggested that she “see” herself formally invited to the festival and eating slowly with grace and moderation.  She enjoyed the food and the event.  She also enjoyed the abundance of resources.  A few weeks after this past-life therapy session, she reported that she found a new job that was something she liked doing and also paid well.  Also, her eating habits dramatically improved.

To account for her low self-esteem or not loving herself, a few more past life therapy sessions were rendered.  She “saw” the following scene: A little girl was drawing an apple at a table.  After she finished drawing, she colored the big apple purple.  She liked it so much that she proudly showed it to her dad.  To her surprise, her father shouted at her, “What in the world are you doing?  Why did you color the apple purple?  I have never seen a purple apple in my life!”  His tone was that of ridicule.  Tears were streaming down June’s face, but her father never noticed.

As a grown-up, although highly intelligent and competent, June did not think much of herself.  She was always very hard on herself.  She would criticize herself harshly before anyone else had a chance.  This, of course, was rooted in her father being critical and non-supportive of her. During reprogramming, I suggested that she “see” a different picture when she presented a purple apple to her father.

Instead of ridiculing her, her father greeted her with a big smile and compliment, “What a beautiful apple!  Purple!  I’ve never seen such a beautiful apple in my life!  You are so creative, my darling!”  June proudly smiled and continued to draw more purple apples….

As you can see, past-life therapy is not only used to deal with traumatic experiences in previous lives, it is also used to reprogram unpleasant experiences in this lifetime.  Whatever might come up during a therapy session, depends on what is significant to you subconsciously.  The past-life therapist simply acts as a chauffeur.  The chauffeur’s job is to ensure that you have a safe ride, but you are the one who decides where you want to go.

In the next article (the final article of this series), I will share with you tips on how you can prepare yourself for past-life therapy, and “unstick” and heal the seemingly stubborn physical, emotional and spiritual traumas.  Stay tuned.

Holistic health consultation including nutritional counseling, herbal therapy, psychological counseling, and past-life therapy is available to individuals or family.  For more information or to make an appointment, please call us at (818) 472-2213.  Website: www.drjsbest.com, Facebook fan page: www.fb.com/drjsbest.com

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hurricane-sandy-oct-25As you all know, hurricane Sandy has brought much environmental destruction.   However, what you may not know is that Sandy also has caused many people to suffer from yeast and parasitic infections.

If you have read my book, Breaking the Yeast Curse: Food and Unconditional Love for Magic Healing, you would discover that I was born during the “Typhoon” (hurricane) season, and that I was born with the “yeast curse.”

I have received several calls from clients living in the New York area after super storm Sandy.  They complained about fatigue, mind fog, digestive problems, allergies, depression, headaches, etc.  Most of them can trace back to the origin of these health issues:  The drinking water at home or the restaurants was contaminated with parasite giardia.  Yeasts were overgrown inside and outside their bodies.

They were so happy to get on our Herbal Detox program.

If you have any questions, please call me at my direct line (818) 472-2213.  We also offer 10% discount on our herbal products for all of you who were affected by the aftermath of Sandy.

Dr. J

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Q.        I am 52 years old.  I did not have period for about a year.  All of a sudden, I had a good amount of period last month, then it stopped.  I am glad it did.  However, my menopausal symptoms had increased.  They include hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, loss of sexual drive, weight gain, depression and extreme fatigue.  How much longer would I suffer from these symptoms?  Can you recommend holistic treatment for them?

A.        The symptoms you described are typical menopausal symptoms.  With proper treatment, these menopausal symptoms can be controlled.  Otherwise, they can linger for the rest of your life.  The following holistic treatment methods are most effective for menopause according to my clinical experience:

1.  Anti-Yeast Nutritional Program:

When you follow my “Eight Commandments:” no sugar, no dairy, no wheat, no yeasts, no caffeine, no alcohol, no nicotine, nor chemicals, your symptoms of hot flashes, night sweats, and mood swings will be under control.

2.  Herbal Therapy:

Take the following formulas that I formulated for you to regain your health. For example: Take the Herbal Detox Package (Yeast-Para Control and Cleansing-Balance Tea) for removing yeasts, parasites, and toxins; and Female Vitality for balancing hormones such as estrogen to regain your sexual libido, increase your energy, and uplift your depression.  I also recommend our Fitness Plus (a fat burner) for weight control.

3.  Stress Management:

Meditate daily to reduce your day-to-day-stress.  Go to my website: www.drjsbest.com  to download a FREE 10-minute meditation guide.  If you practice daily, you will enjoy peace and harmony in your life whether you are in menopause or not.

4. Regular Exercise:

Regular exercise improves blood circulation, and gives you a regular supply of endorphins (a natural chemical that can make you feel calm and happy).  Regular exercise also burns calories and reduces weight.  If you experience extreme fatigue, just start slow walking or in-place jogging for five minutes, and gradually build up.

When you adopt the above holistic approach, you will be able to reduce or eliminate menopausal symptoms and enjoy the absence of monthly inconvenience!

For telephone consultation on holistic treatment for various health issues such as yeast-free nutrition, herbal detox, hormonal imbalance, weight control, stress management, and spiritual counseling, please call (800) 715-3053 , or  (818) 472-2213 , or send an e-mail to drj@drjsbest.com.  Consultation sessions over Skype are also available.  Skype name: academyofvibranthealth.  For more information, visit our website: www.drjsbest.com.

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In the previous article, I pointed out that yeast and parasitic infection is a global epidemic.  I also highlighted the major symptoms.  They include: mind fog, fatigue, depression, sugar craving, allergies, sleep disorder, declining eyesight, arthritis-like aches and pains, and acid reflux.  The list goes on.  Very often, you can see evidence in the toilet including eggs of parasites, mature worms, and debris of yeasts.  To get more detailed information, you may review my book, Breaking the Yeast Curse: Food and Unconditional Love for Magic Healing.

In this article, I will address the major causes of yeast and parasitic infections based on my more than 30 years of clinical experience working with people from all walks of life:

1)    Poor Dietary Habits:

As I pointed out repeatedly, Standard American Diet creates many “sad” stories because it’s loaded with favorite foods for yeasts and parasites.  This includes sugar, dairy, wheat, yeasts, alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, and chemicals.  When yeasts and parasites are well fed, they have rock n’ roll parties.  After the parties, they deposit toxic waste in your body and cause the symptoms described in the previous article.

2)    Stress:

Stress, if managed ineffectively, can weaken your immune system and allow yeasts and parasites to overgrow.  The analogy is very simple.  If a community has a strong police force, gang activities will be under control.  If the police force is weak, the terror of gang activities will control the community.  The same is true with your immunity and the overgrowth of yeasts and parasites.

3)    Lack of exercise:

Yeasts and parasites love a still environment.  Immobility provides a still environment for the overgrowth of yeasts and parasites.  That’s why you might have symptoms such as sleep disorder, sinus congestion, snoring, or sleep apnea at night.  People in wheel chairs also have a tendency to develop urinary tract infection (UTI) caused by the overgrowth of yeasts.

4)    Environmental Factors:

Yeasts are everywhere.  They are in the air you breathe, the water you drink, the carpet you sit on, the furniture you use, and the furs of your pets.   A damp environment such as woodlands and seaside dwellings, or dusty environments such as construction sites all provide an incubator for yeasts and parasites to overgrow.  If you are exposed to yeasty or dusty environments, you are prone to have flare ups of yeast and parasitic infections.

5)    Overuse of Antibiotics or Potent Drugs:

As described in my book, Breaking the Yeast Curse: Food and Unconditional Love for Magic Healing, antibiotics or potent drugs such as cortisone work like an atomic bomb.  They kill everything instantly so that you feel a temporary relief.  However, good guys such as bacteria floras in the intestines take a long time to re-establish, while bad guys such as harmful yeasts take no time to come back since they are everywhere!.  Thus, yeast overgrowth quickly occurs.  When yeasts ferment, they produce a chemical substance called propyl alcohol which feeds parasites.  To return the favor, parasites use their body surface as a platform for yeasts to overgrow.

6)    Traveler’s Disease:

When you travel to areas where they may have water or air pollution, or their produce and fruits are contaminated with yeasts and parasites, then you are prone to come back home with “Traveler’s Disease.”

The causes of yeast and parasitic infections for each individual may vary.  The above are commonly reported causes by my clients.  In the next article, I will discuss natural, holistic treatment for yeast and parasitic infections.  Stay tuned!

For telephone consultation on holistic treatment for various health issues such as yeast-free nutrition, herbal detox, hormonal imbalance, weight control, stress management, and spiritual counseling, please call (800) 715-3053 , or  (818) 472-2213 , or send an e-mail to drj@drjsbest.com.  Consultation sessions over Skype are also available.  Skype name: academyofvibranthealth.  For more information, visit our website: www.drjsbest.com.

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I just came across some friends who have been suffering from a cluster of symptoms which are typical when infected by yeasts and parasites.  However, they did not know what they had, and whom to turn to for help.  The purpose of this three-part article is to educate you in terms of prevention and early treatment for yeast and parasitic infections.  Specifically, I will address the symptoms, causes and treatment methods for this epidemic.


Common Symptoms of Yeast and Parasitic Infections:

As detailed in my book: Breaking the Yeast Curse: Food and Unconditional Love for Magic Healing, symptoms of yeast and parasitic infections range from head to toe.  The most common symptoms presented by my clients are:

1)     Mind Fog:

When yeasts ferment in your body, they release a chemical substance called propyl alcohol.  That substance can make you feel “drunk” and experience foggy mind.

2)     Fatigue: 

Yeasts and parasites use their vampire-like hooks to hook onto your mucous membrane and suck out the nutrients.  Because you are feeding an extended family, you experience malnourishment and low energy.

3)     Depression:

Because of mind fog and chronic fatigue, you feel non-motivated, inactive, underachieved, and thus depressed.

4)     Sugar Craving:

As described in my yeast-free cookbook, Healthy and Tasty: Dr. J’s Anti-Yeast Cooking, sugar, dairy, wheat, yeast, alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine feed your little enemies: yeasts and parasites, especially sugar.  The more sugary foods you eat, the more yeasts and parasites scream, “Feed me!  Feed me!”

5)     Allergies:

When you feed yeasts and parasites their favorite foods described above, they have a rock n’ roll party.  After the party, they go to the toilet within you and deposit their toxic waste.  Therefore, you can have many sorts of allergies including respiratory and food allergies.

6)     Sleep Disorder:

Yeasts and parasites love a still environment because that allows them to grow and expand more easily.  Therefore, they are active while you are in bed.  Consequently, their “activities” can keep you awake.

7)     Declining Eyesight:

Mind fog, chronic fatigue, depression and sleep disorder can all affect your eyesight.  Moreover, when parasites get into your eyes, they can cause macular degeneration.  In worst case scenarios, when flat worms get behind your eye balls, they can even cause blindness.

8)     Arthritis-like Aches and Pain:

When you have a severe case of yeast and parasitic infection, you might have systemic body aches and pain.  The toxic waste deposited by yeasts and parasites can cause severe inflammation and thus the pain.  Because yeasts and parasites move around, theses aches and pains also shift around your body.

9)     Acid Reflux:

Acid reflux can be a symptom associated with yeast and parasitic infections in the digestive tract.   The presence of yeasts and parasites interfere with the digestive function of hydrochloride.  When your body is more acidic vs. alkaline, it provides an environment for yeasts and parasites to overgrow.  Thus, a vicious cycle ensues.

10) Evidence in the toilet:

Eggs of parasites may look like sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, broken corn, or white specs in the stool.  Worse yet, you might see string cheese-like items in the toilet. These are mature worms.   Yeasts may look like cotton, or hair, or clouds in your urine.  Sometimes they show up as thick mucus.  When you see the above in your toilet, you know that you have a severe infestation.

Yeast and parasitic infection symptoms may vary with every individual.  The symptoms described above are the most common ones presented by my clients.  In the next article, I will discuss the common causes for yeast and parasitic infections.  Stay tuned.

For telephone consultation on holistic treatment for various health issues such as yeast-free nutrition, herbal detox, hormonal imbalance, weight control, stress management, and spiritual counseling, please call (800) 715-3053 , or  (818) 472-2213 , or send an e-mail to drj@drjsbest.com.  Consultation sessions over Skype are also available.  Skype name: academyofvibranthealth.  For more information, visit our website: www.drjsbest.com.

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If so, I have an easy solution for you!  Just visit my website or contact my office and order some of the “Seven Herbal Wonders” for you and/or your loved ones!  What would be a better gift than vibrant health?!  We drop ship using 3-5 days priority mail in the U. S.  In case you are not familiar with our “Seven Herbal Wonders,” here they are:

Herbal Detox (Yeast-Para Control and Cleansing-Balance Tea):

Yeast-Para Control is designed to remove yeasts and parasites from the human (or animal) body simultaneously.  The products available in the market today focus on the elimination of only yeasts or parasites.  Our products control the overgrowth of both yeasts and parasites, since these two unwanted tenants go hand in hand like Siamese’s Twins.

I have been treating yeast and parasitic infections for more than three decades, and our Herbal Detox program has been regarded as the most cost-effective in the market.  Symptoms from head to toe such as allergies, headaches, mind fog, fatigue, depression, sore throats, sinus congestions, digestive problems, constipation, skin rash, and arthritis-like aches and pains, etc. can be reduced or eliminated within weeks or days after taking our Yeast-Para Control formula.

Cleansing-Balance Tea is designed to cleanse the five systems in your body including respiratory, digestive, circulatory, immune, and elimination systems with emphasis on liver and kidneys.  As mentioned earlier, the function of Yeast-Para Control is like “scrubbing the toilet” (loosening up toxins), while that of Cleansing-Balance Tea is like “flushing the toilet” (flushing out the toxins and debris that have been loosened up by Yeast-Para Control).  Therefore, the combination of Yeast-Para Control and Cleansing-Balance Tea produces the best detoxification results.

Hormonal Regeneration (Female Vitality or Male Vitality):

Female Vitality is designed to balance the female hormonal system.  The following are the most common self-reported benefits by our clients:

  • Eliminate or reduce PMS (Pre-Menstrual Syndrome)
  • Regulate period
  • Eliminate or reduce mood swings
  • Improve skin complexions
  • Strengthen nails and hair
  • Increase energy, mental clarity and productivity
  • Eliminate menopausal symptoms
  • Enjoy being better sexual partners!

Male Vitality is designed to balance the male hormonal system.  Many of our clients report that our Male Vitality works better than Viagra because they experience overall improvement of total functioning.  The results are also long-lasting.  The following are common benefits reported by our clients:

  • Improve energy, mental clarity and productivity
  • Improve mental concentration
  • Uplift the mood
  • Increase libido
  • Improve sexual potency
  • Improve over-all well being

Herbal Cocktail is a high-protein herbal drink with high-quality digestive enzymes.   Whether you need to lose weight or gain weight, Herbal Cocktail provides the balance your body needs. The following are common benefits reported by our clients:

  • Curb appetite
  • Stop sugar cravings
  • Heal digestive tract ulcers
  • Inhibit yeast overgrowth
  • Reduce or eliminate symptoms of candidiasis
  • Improve absorption of food nutrients
  • Help you lose weight when you are over weight
  • Nourish your body to gain weight if you are underweight

Fitness Regular is designed as a Fat Blocker.  It blocks the process of fatty cell formation if you eat sensibly (for example, not having hamburgers daily).

Many of our clients also report the following side benefits:

  • Lower high blood pressure
  • Balance high blood sugar
  • Lower high cholesterol.
  • Improve blood circulation

Fitness Plus is designed as a Fat Burner.  It burns the fat wherever necessary in your body.  The following are common benefits reported by our clients:

  • Burn fat and turn it into energy
  • Flatten your tummy
  • Reduce the size of un-proportioned arms, thighs, and hips
  • Smooth out cellulites

The above “Seven Herbal Wonders” cover all basic human needs.  If you have questions regarding what to order for yourself and/or loved ones, please call (818) 472-2213 (in the U. S.) or Skype: academyofvibranthealth (for international calls).  I will customize a program for you based on your budget, health conditions, and the commitment level.

Holiday special: 10% discount on your entire order!

Here are ways to order:

1) Order online: www.drjsbest.com.   Enter the coupon code: HOLIDAY while checking out.

2) Fax your order with MasterCard or Visa information including card number, card holder, expiration date, and three digit security code plus shipping address.

3) Call (818) 472-2213 if you are in the U. S.

4) Call Skype: academyofvibranthealth if you are outside of the U. S.


I wish you the most healthy and happy holiday season!


Dr. J

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Allergy symptoms usually occur in a cluster.  The physical causes of allergies are yeast and parasitic infections even though they might be ‘triggered” by certain types of food, molds, pollen, dusts, etc.  The psychological causes of allergies include stress and “unfinished business”.  To eliminate allergy symptoms, you need to employ a holistic approach including yeast-free nutrition, herbal therapy, stress management, and clear the emotional issues that haunt you.


Allergies affect people of all ages from all walks of life.  The following are some case examples:


Mary, a thirty-seven-year-old divorcee with two teenage children, had suffered from severe stomach pain for two years.  She also complained about symptoms such as frequent colds and flu, constipation, weight gain, poor mental concentration, mood swings, depression, anxiety, shortness of breath, fatigue and pain in her neck and shoulders.  She had consulted with many physicians and had gone through numerous laboratory tests. The results of the tests showed that there was no physical base for her ailments.  Consequently, Tagamet was prescribed for Mary’s stomach pain, valium was given for her anxiety, and psychotherapy was recommended for her depression.  Mary tried all these treatments without any results.  She began wondering whether she was a hypochondriac or that something was really wrong with her head.  All of her symptoms subsided in less than six months after she followed our yeast-free nutritional guidelines as well as taking our Herbal Detox (Yeast-Para Control and Cleansing-Balance Tea), Hormonal Regeneration (Female Vitality), and Weight Management programs (Herbal Cocktail and Fitness Plus).  She further received counseling to release her anger and resentment toward her ex-husband and develop a better relationship with her children.


Charlotte is another example.   She was a seventy-year-old woman and had suffered from recurrent bronchitis and anxiety attacks since she can remember.  After treatment with antibiotics, she felt better for a short while but the symptoms would usually worsen afterwards.  She made a commitment to follow the yeast-free nutritional regimen and take the Herbal Detox program (Yeast-Para Control and Cleansing-Balance Tea), and learned how to express her feelings more effectively.  Consequently, she was able to rid herself of the stubborn bronchitis and breath better for the first time in seventy years!


Men are not immune to allergy symptoms.  Rod, a sixty-one-year-old man, suffered from postnasal drips and chronic fatigue for many years.  He craved sugar all the time so he ate a lot of candies and sweet fruits. His body and breath had a bad odor which negatively affected his sexual relationship with his wife.  He also had frequent temper tantrums.  Despite numerous visits to several physicians, Rod was extremely fatigued and depressed.  After he was placed on our yeast-free nutritional program, Herbal Detox (Yeast-Para Control and Cleansing-Balance Tea), Hormonal Regeneration (Male Vitality), Weight Management  (Herbal Cocktail), and marital counseling, his symptoms subsided in three months.


In the next article, I will detail the holistic, drug-free treatment methods for allergies.  Stay tuned.


For telephone consultation on holistic treatment for various health issues including yeast-free nutrition, herbal detox, hormonal imbalance, weight control, stress management, and spiritual counseling, please call (818) 472-2213, or send an e-mail to drj@drjsbest.com.  Consultation sessions over Skype are also available.  Skype name: academyofvibranthealth.  For more information, visit our website: www.drjsbest.com.

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