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Q.        Is fibromyalgia hereditary?

A.        In my experience, fibromyalgia is not hereditary, it is a learned behavior.  The reason it appears to “run in the family” is because family members tend to share the same or similar dietary habits, outlook on life, and lifestyle.

Symptoms of fibromyalgia include chronic widespread pain in the joints, muscles, tendons, and other soft tissues, accompanied by sleep disturbances, headaches, chronic fatigue, mind fog, depression and anxiety.  In some severe cases, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders and irritable bowel syndrome are also present.

Currently there are no diagnostic tests, such as x-rays or blood tests, to detect fibromyalgia.  The diagnosis of fibromyalgia is based on self reports.  Fibromyalgia affects people of all ages in both females and males, but is most common among women aged 20 to 50.

Based on my more than three decades of clinical experience working with clients with fibromyalgia, I have found that causes of fibromyalgia include yeast and parasitic infections, poor dietary habits, lack of exercise (including sexercise), perception of being un-loved, emotional and/or physical trauma, and stress.

I will discuss how to overcome symptoms of fibromyalgia in the next article, please stay tuned.

For telephone consultation on holistic treatment for various health issues such as fibromyalgia, yeast-free nutrition, herbal detox, hormonal imbalance, weight control, stress management, and spiritual counseling, please call (800) 715-3053, or (818) 472-2213, or send an e-mail to drj@drjsbest.com.  Consultation sessions over Skype are also available.  Skype name: academyofvibranthealth.  For more information, visit our website: www.drjsbest.com.

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Based on my more than three decades of clinical experience, I have found that all physical illnesses are reflections of mental states. No exceptions!

For example, when people have allergies, they are allergic to life; when people have head colds, they experience confusion in their lives; when women have breast cancer, they feel unloved and unapproved; when people suffer from injuries due to accidents, often times they want rest and attention, the list goes on….  So, treating physical symptoms is not the only way to eradicate illnesses, you need to get your hands dirty to dig out the roots! 

The most effective way for uprooting the illnesses is using a holistic approach including yeast-free nutrition, herbal therapy, stress management, and spiritual counseling.   For more information, visit www.drjsbest.com.  I also provide consultation via telephone or Skype.  For appointment, call (800) 715-3053 or e-mail: drj@drjsbest.com.

Healthy regards,

Dr. J

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