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Q.        What is the difference between cleansing crises and medication side effects?

A.         Good question!  Cleansing crises (or healing crises) occur when your body is purging toxins.  The duration, frequency, and intensity of cleansing crises vary with each individual, depending on the amount of toxins you have in your body.  Please refer to my previous article “cleansing crisis” to see the list of common cleansing symptoms.  Cleansing symptoms you experience can be unpredictable.  The good news is that cleansing symptoms usually dissipate after a few days even if you continue the cleansing regimen, be it our Herbal Detox (Yeast-Para Controland Cleansing-Balance Tea), other cleansing programs, or simply just fasting.   Cleansing crises prepare your body for regeneration and balance.

Medication side effects are predictable and will not go away unless you stop the medication, or take more drugs to inhibit the side effects.  The side effects of the drug can add toxins to your body and cause further damage to your liver, kidneys, and other body systems.

You will feel better after each cleansing crisis, but medication side effects will not have the same positive result.

Given the choice, do you prefer to go through cleansing crisis with natural remedies, or endure medication side effects with western drugs?


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