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After working with children and adults with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) for the past three decades, I have found the most common physical factor, which may be shocking to many, is yeast infection involving the inner or middle ears.

Dr. Harold Levinson in his book, Total Concentration (1990) states that more than 80% of patients with ADD he has seen suffered from inner-ear infections.  He explains in great detail how the inner-ear system or the cerebellar-vestibular system (CVS) controls the flow of sensory information entering the brain.  When this system is impaired by infections of the inner ear, your vision, hearing, balance, sense of direction, motion, altitude, depth, and smell, and all motor information leaving the brain can be scrambled.  Consequently, this auditory drift results in problems in balance and coordination, concentration, memory, hyperactivity and impulsiveness.  In some cases, speech timing is off, which can result in rapid speech, or slow, slurred speech.  A malfunctioning inner ear has difficulty processing motor input; this in turn makes the affected individual prone to motion-related phobias such as fear of moving elevators, escalators, cars, planes, trains, buses and crowds.

What Dr. Levinson failed to address was what this inner-ear infection is about and what causes it.  In my experience, this inner-ear infection is a yeast infection that can be contracted before or after birth.  If a pregnant woman has yeast infections, she can give the infections to her baby through the blood stream and/or birth canal.  The baby can be born with yeast infections manifesting symptoms such as eye or ear infections, respiratory tract congestion and colic.

The goal of successful treatment should be to clear yeast infections from the inner-ear.  Our Herbal Detox (Yeast-Para Control and Cleansing-Balance Tea) works wonders to control the yeast overgrowth in the inner-ear.  Meanwhile, Male Vitality or Female Vitality improves mental concentration, uplifts the mood, and increases calm energy.

In addition to herbal therapy to eradicate the physical causes, it’s also important to adhere to a yeast-free nutritional program containing no sugar, no dairy, no wheat, no yeasts, no caffeine, no nicotine, nor chemicals.  It may be difficult to stay off the Standard American Diet which is loaded with yeast-favorite food.  So, the first item I place heavy emphasis on is NO SUGAR!  Sugar feeds the yeasts instantly, and the overgrowth of yeasts in the inner-ear causes children (or adults) to lose control physically and mentally.  To learn what to eat and what to avoid, follow my yeast-free cookbook, Healthy and Tasty: Dr. J’s Anti-Yeast Cooking.

For consultation on yeast-free nutrition, herbal detox, hormonal imbalance, weight management, drug-free holistic treatment for ADD or ADHD, please call us at (800) 715-3053, or send an e-mail to drj@drjsbest.com.  Consultation sessions over Skype or the telephone are also available.  For more information, visit our website: www.drjsbest.com.

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Recently there have been heated discussions on some Facebook friends’ personal pages regarding the issues of the labeling and overmedication of children. In the past few decades I have worked with children from three years old through adults in their 50’s who had been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD).  Based on my observation and my clients’ reports, stimulants such as ritalin, dexedrine, or cylert were the drugs of choice prescribed by Western medicine. Some swore by it, yet others complained about a long list of side effects such as nervousness, agitation, insomnia, nausea, stomach pains, weight loss, growth retardation, etc.

Do you have direct or indirect experience with these stimulants? Are you familiar with any effective drug-free holistic treatment? Please share your experience with us by posting here or on our facebook page.

For drug-free, holistic treatment for ADD or ADHD, please contact us at 800-715-3053 or 818-472-2213, or send us an e-mail to drj@drjsbest.com. Consultation also available over Skype or over the phone.

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